Face waxing



  • Eye Brow

  • Chin Only

  • Upper Lip

Dazzle Mani and Pedi

1Hr 10M


  • Dazzle Dry Manicure

  • Dazzle Dry Pedicure

Eluxe Manicure, Pedicure

1Hr 5M


  • Eluxe Manicure

  • Eluxe Pedicure

No-chip Mani

With No-chip Pedi

1Hr 30M


  • No-Chip Manicure

  • No-Chip Pedicure

No-chip Manicure

and Eluxe Pedicure

1Hr 25M


  • No-Chip Manicure

  • Eluxe Pedicure

Little Princess Mani, Pedi under8



  • Kids Mani (under8)

  • Kids Pedicure (under8)

Teen Mani,Pedi under12



  • Teen Mani(under12)

  • Teen Pedicure (Under 12)

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